Updated News of Minecraft Modpack

We’re are now on the testing stage of the modpack, which means we’re testing all mods and seeing if all the installed mods are working fine together. And also editing the configs of mods that need to be. Any questions, then making a ticket by clicking the tab called “Ticket Support”.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


Minecraft Modpack

We are working on a minecraft modpack which is going to be release in November or sooner depending on how much process is put into it each day. We won’t release the name of the modpack until it gets release, but the idea of the modpack is a hardcore custom skyblock pack which is mainly focus on tech and magic, but of course with some other fun mods. More information about our modpack will be release as the development of the modpack goes on.

Note: We do accept ideas during the development and future of the modpack. To tell us your idea(s), just make a ticket by click the tab above called Ticket Support. Thanks and have a wonderful day!